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Insurance Surveys are often requested by UK insurers when you wish to insure a boat for the first time or have to renew an existing policy, their purpose is to reassure the underwriters that the vessel is a 'good risk'. Different insurance companies have different policies in respect of survey requirements: the age and/or value of the craft may trigger a request for a survey before an insurance policy will be issued. Typically, once a vessel is 20 years old an insurance survey will be required, further surveys may be required subsequently at 5 year intervals.

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Boat owners should clarify with their insurer the nature of the survey required.  Some request a hull survey only, whilst others demand a full Condition and Valuation Survey.


A typical Insurance Survey concentrates on hull condition and the general safety of the vessel using the relevant British Standards as guidelines.


Visible and accessible areas of the underwater hull will be examined visually,hammer soundings and ultasonic point residual thickness measurement.


The Insurance Survey Report is somewhat less expensive to the customer because scope is restricted and makes no comment on cosmetic matters, build quality or fitness for purpose unless this is of significance to insurability. In addition, the report does not set out to offer advice which may be relied upon when deciding whether or not to buy the boat.

As a guide to the cost of an insurance survey here are a few examples:-


60’ Narrow Boat £300.00


30’ Motor Cruiser £250.00


40’ Motor Cruiser £300.00  


The Insurance Survey report will conclude with a list of recommendations, conclusions and valuation. This report will be available within a maximum of 72 hours of the survey, in many cases a copy will be available for email within 24 hours, with a bound copy dispatched immediately after printing.




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